royal jelly production

A Royal Jelly is a product that has a biological activity quite fickle and that your quality is lost easily by the time during which it is stored. This fact must be taken into account in the process of production of Royal Jelly, harvest, transport and storage.

royal jelly production

Brief definition-what is biological activity?

Biological activity is defined as beneficial or adverse effects of a product in relation to human. When it comes to a substance that has a complex chemical mixture, biological activity is triggered by the active ingredient that can be modified by the remaining constituents. This activity is, normally, dependent on the dose consumed and it comes their effects for humans. Of course this will depend on criteria such as the absorption and metabolism of consumer.

The light, the air, the temperature, the humidity must be controlled so as not to be destroyed certain components of Royal Jelly. The containers and all the material necessary during collection or transport must be chosen carefully to be fulfilled all the criteria associated with all an effective production process of Royal Jelly.

The oxidation, for example, destroys the active agents in the product. When it comes to heat, This can also damage the Royal Jelly, You can lose the biological activity over a period of time which varies between the 12 and the 24 hours, at a temperature of 3 to 5° Centigrade. Like This, the ideal storage temperature is 18ºc negatives. The site should be closed, isolated and protected from light.

royal jelly production

Product quality test

Associated with the production of Royal Jelly is the concept of quality, important for the marketing and sales success. The quality will depend on the absence of product defects and correspondence or, at best, in overcoming the expectations of aware and potential customers- stakeholders. The quality also takes into account the conditions under which the product is produced.

The quality should be a standard to be achieved by any producer to the final product please the client and this will become an active consumer, contributing to the success of sales.

In order to ensure that all the criteria associated with the effective handling of Royal Jelly can be performed two types of quality tests:

  1. Organolético-test is a test where the characteristics of the materials that can be understood by senses humans: the color, the brightness, the light, the odor, the texture, the sound and the flavor. All of them are important in assessing the State of conservation of the product to verify that are fit for consumption.

In the specific case of Royal Jelly, attention is given to the following aspects: flavor, It must be acid, spicy and sweet, and the appearance, must have brightness, be sticky and doughy.

  1. Enzymatic test-are often executed for food inspection where a measure of fomra latamente needs, for example, the levels of sugar and acids, among other compounds

As can be seen, the production of Royal Jelly requires high care and rigorous methods for the client to get the best of the product.

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