The Royal Jelly in history

The discovery of the power of Royal Jelly and its therapeutic properties is not new. It all started in the eighteenth century with François Huber, a Swiss naturalist. Huber realized that there was a special liquid in cells occupied by the larvae would be future Queens of the hive, Thanks to this substance.

history of Royal Jelly


In ancient Egypt, the bees were considered sacred insects. It was at this time, in this country, the beekeeping practiced to this day, being the first people to create bees. This practice is mentioned in hieroglyphics in pyramids, Papyrus documents and even in prestigious and known Rosetta Stone.

Greece and ancient Rome

Homer, in his works Ílídia and Odyssey, makes several allusions to honey and pollen. Pythagoras, It was a consumer of honey in their daily meals. These products were also used as food and drinks in the famous Olympic Games, in Greece, to hydrate the body and the skin of the athletes participating in the evidence. There is also reference to a population in which most people lived over 100 years due to the consumption of products from the Beehive.


Royal Jelly was the power of antiquity. Was used to light up homes and streets, in torches and candles provided light for hours.

In the field of medicine, functioned as anti-inflammatory and healing of fridas. Healed Burns, colds and weak States.

It was also used in the manufacture of food and conservation, in the treatment of skin and embalming of dead people.

Middle Ages

At the end of this complicated time of life, people stop using the products of the hive to sweeten your meals, being replaced by other substances such as sugar. Falls also into disuse the use of Royal Jelly as a remedy and food.


For many years, the Royal Jelly has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent aging of the cells of the human body and for longevity.

The 21st Century

China turns out to be the biggest exporter of products from the Beehive, for the two largest importers of the world: Europe and United States of America.

history of Royal Jelly

Rosetta Stone

The Royal Jelly is now used with numerous objectives, all linked to the field of health and welfare of the human being, all over the world. Treat cancers, skin diseases, symptoms and consequences of the stress caused by the fast pace of today's society, help on lack of appetite, This is the hair, serious diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Anemia and a wide variety of ailments of the modern world. Can be consumed by people of all ages and, to your quality and efficiency, has been increasingly exploited. Dating back to your origins to antiquity, its advantages and therapeutic properties have been proven and admired until today, centuries later. All over the world, throughout the story, the fame attributed to this product is not in vain and, Today we know, that has been and will, certainly, help the sick and all those who seeking to achieve a full State of well-being.


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