Royal Jelly – 1954: Papa Pio XII (Caso Real)


Who was Pope Pius XII?

Pope Pius XII and Royal JellyPope Pius XII was the ruler of the Catholic Church 260.

O seu full name was Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli. He was born on 2 March 1876, in Rome and came from a family of Italian nobility. Pacelli estudou no Liceu and Visconti, in 1884, He joined the Gregorian University, in the course of Theology.

During World War II, Pacelli was responsible for promoting the papal policy. He tried to prevent the entry of Italy in the war, but, as you know, He was not successful.

After the death of Pope Pius XI (sovereign of the Catholic Church, na height), in 1939, It began choosing the new Pope. On his birthday, Pacelli was elected to take over as Supreme Pontiff, adopting the name of Pope Pius XII.

Pope Pius XII took over the church leadership at a critical time for humanity - the emergence of a Second World War. It was apparent their efforts in the struggle for peace!

He died on 9 October, from 1958.


Pope Pius XII and the Royal Jelly

Pope Pius XII and Royal Jelly

A Royal Jelly owes its name to Swiss naturalist Francisco that Hubbert, deprived of even very young vision, He devoted himself to the study of the life of bees. Hubbert was a very dynamic and proactive person what led him to study and criticize the whole phenomenon of production of royal jelly.

It was in the decade of 50, at the time it appeared the French book "Bees, Fountain of Youth and Vitality, Pollen and Royal Jelly ", that many European magazines were reporting the discovery of product and all the benefits it would bring to the human body.

Numerous experiments were carried out by European and American scientists, concerning the vitamin composition of Royal Jelly. The interest also grew by biologists and laboratories all over the world. The curiosity about this "new" substance was great!

Emerged, so, laboratories with commercial interests in Royal Jelly being put up for sale in Switzerland, France and Germany. What caused the production of the product could not cover demand, causing inconvenience to producers and frustration interested that both wanted to see the benefits of Royal Jelly.

All this bustle around the product caused some outrage and, maybe, It had been taken out of the recommendations for the health and well-being was not the disease of Pope Pius XII.

At the beginning of the year 1954, the appearance of Christ to the Holy Father was reported around the world. At this point, Pius XII found himself seriously ill! Then it was learned of their speedy recovery and is assigned to the laurels Royal Jelly.
Royal Jelly cure Pope Pius XIIIt was in the II International Congress of biogenetics Rational, Rome, in the month of April 1955 who gave to know the work of the person responsible for applying the treatment that would cure the Holy Father: o professor, bedside doctor for 25 years of Pope Pius XII – Dr. Ricardo Galleazzi Lisi. At the event were presented all therapies used in the treatment of Pius XII, including celltherapy, but only with the introduction of a probe was administered revolutionary natural therapy, the Royal Jelly which proved to be an effective treatment that presented positive results in the Holy Father's illness.

Pope Pius XII declared that “Royal Jelly is a food given by God to preserve youthfulness forever”.


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