Royal Jelly - Medicinal Properties

After numerous scientific research by various doctors curious, It was convinced that the Royal Jelly can actually prolongs the life of human being, combating numerous diseases. As:

– Nerve disorders;

– Anemias;

– Parkinson's disease;

– Hypertension and hypotension;

– Duodenal ulcer;

– Lymphatic leukemia;

– Hair loss;

– Malfunction of the kidneys;

– Hyperthyroidism;

– Diseases related to the spleen, the liver and the ovaries.

– Cardiac disorders like respiratory: colds, cough, bronchitis, Eczema, hemorrhoids and digestive disorders.

So the awareness about these diseases that can affect much the human body and the enjoyment of a life in full, will be defined then some of the above mentioned diseases.

  1. Anemia

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  • What is it?

Anemia is a syndrome in which the blood has a reduced ability to carry oxygen to the tissues, the reduction of red blood cells (red blood cells or red blood cells, for reduction of hemoglobin.

According to the World Health Organization (OMS), Anemia occurs when the hemoglobin level is below 13,0 g/dL in men, 12,0 g/dL in non-pregnant women and 11,0 g/dL for pregnant women. When it comes to children, below 11,0 g/dL for children aged 6 and 60 months, 11,5 g/dL for 5 the 12 years and 12 g/dL for teenagers of 12 the 15 years.

  • Symptoms

The most common symptoms in less serious cases go through:

– Fatigue, weakness and indisposition;

– Difficulty concentrating and memory loss;

– Respiratory problems;

– Rapid heart rate;

– Pale skin;

– Menstrual problems;

– Appetite disorders;

– Malaise, dizziness and nausea.

  • Consequences

– Hair loss, weak and brittle nails, Sclera Blue, dry skin;

– Drowsiness and headache;

– Dizziness and fainting spells;

– Tachycardia;

– Pain and swelling of the legs;

– Shortness of breath;

– Lack of appetite (more common in children);

– Inflammation of the mouth;

– Nervous breakdown

  1. Parkinson's disease

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  • What is it?

Parkinson's disease is a chronic condition affecting the motor system, involving bodily movements that lead to tremors, stiffness, slower body movements, postural instability and gait changes.

  • Symptoms

– Depression;

– Anxiety;

– Sleep changes;

– Memory loss;

– Indistinct speech;

– Difficulty chewing and swallowing;

– Constipation;

– Loss of bladder control;

– Abnormal regulation of body temperature;

– Increased sweating;

– Sexual dysfunction;

– Cramps, numbness, tingling (paresthesias) and myalgia.

  • Diagnosis

There are no tests that can diagnose Parkinson's disease. The disease is diagnosed by a neurologist on the basis of the medical history of the patient and in the verification of symptoms of the disease as well as neurological and physical examinations. The diagnosis can take some time for doctors, sometimes, recommend patient monitoring and regular consultations, to make an assessment of your condition and if they take conclusions.

  1. Hyperthyroidism

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  • What is it?

A thyroid is an endocrine gland is very important for the full operation of the organism. Hormones that release – T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine), stimulate the metabolism.

The main thyroid disorders are hypothyroidism (lack of hormones) and hyperthyroidism (high levels of hormones).

Hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid disease, occurring more often in women and people over 60 years of age. It is a hereditary disease.

  • Symptoms

– Fatigue / slowness;

– Mental depression;

– Feeling cold;

– Increased weight (only 2 the 4 kg);

– Dry skin and hair;

– Colds;

– Menstrual irregularities.

These symptoms are not unique to hypothyroidism. Blood tests will show whether the symptoms are due to hypothyroidism or other cause. People with mild hypothyroidism may not manifest any symptom.

  • Treatment

Treatment should begin as soon as the problem is diagnosed. Will depend on the assessment of the causes of disease in each patient.

Must start, preferably, with the replacement of thyroxine hormone that thyroid stopped producing. As hardly the disease recedes, the treatment must be done during the whole life, Although if you get good results.

The Royal Jelly has medicinal properties that benefit patients who suffer from these diseases. It is important for the patient to be aware of all the implications that this misfortune can bring and know all the treatments that will bring you well-being. The Royal Jelly is an option!

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