Royal Jelly and Skin

In addition to its therapeutic and medicinal properties, the Royal Jelly has healing properties to the skin due to strong antibacterial properties that have been found in your Constitution, preventing, so, the emergence if bacteria that cause skin infections.

Royal Jelly and the beauty

Clinical studies have been conclusive regarding the efficacy of royal jelly in the treatment of skin diseases like eczema. What the product does is restore the pH balance of the skin and, in most cases, reverse the problems associated with the disease. Royal Jelly and skinThe Royal Jelly can be used in the treatment of diseases and ailments of the skin, as in the daily care of skin as a beauty treatment, Since it can be used on any skin type and even faces with acne. As the years go by, the skin loses firmness and vitality characteristic of youth. So, must have basic skin care during our whole life, as part of a daily routine. Royal Jelly acts directly on cells and on the connections between layers of skin, increasing the skin's resistance to the assaults on the environment. It also has antioxidant and regenerating, fighting skin aging. Works as a kind of barrier, protecting the skin. The Royal Jelly is, Nowadays, already used by spas and aesthetic clinics in their treatments. The product is even able to transform the skin and give you everything you need to fight wrinkles, the sagging, shine and tone because it stimulates the production of collagen. The more than 40 essential nutrients in your composition regenerate, soften and revitalize even the hair! The presence of Vitamin C on Royal Jelly prevents phenomena such as the absence of skin glow opacity. .00gread real and the skin 1 What is collagen? It is a protein found in all animals and your job is to assign elasticity to the tissues, so, to the skin, maintain the integrity of the muscles, the ligaments, tendons and joints of the human body. Collagen is still responsible for assigning firmness to the cells and keep them together. The reduction in levels of collagen in the body can lead to sagging skin; to your dehydration, making it thin and less elastic; the appearance of stretch marks and, still, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. All these problems can worsen from 30 years of age, age in which the amount of this protein reduces about of 1% every year. What is vitamin C? Vitamin C has antioxidant functions, acting directly on reducing stress that affects of different ways the human body. Vitamin C maintains, also, a good oral health and promotes the human body resistance to infections. The human body can only store a certain amount of this vitamin, for what is required to your intake through supplements containing.

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