Royal Jelly – Harvest

In order to keep all the biological value of the Royal Jelly, all hygiene are few. It should also be borne in mind every detail of their conservation.

Those that start the harvest of Royal Jelly, is in addition to previous bee activities either as a new activity, It is necessary to take into account two key factors: the planning and installation of the Apiary appropriately. The use of technologies in harvesting must also be used consciously to the Apiary's productive. Important advice to producers is to stay always attentive to market developments, in this specific sector, due to the fact that it is very dynamic and be in constant evolution.

This practice of beekeeping requires special care that the producer must take into account in the area of the holding and the hives.

harvesting Royal Jelly

Hygiene care to be taken into account in the process of collection of Royal Jelly:

– The hive humidity is a factor to be taken into account;

– The hive, If painted, must have bright colors and the paint should be non-toxic and washable;

– The area surrounding the holding of the hives must be controlled when it comes to pests and to prevent possible fires (water points should be both because of the fires as because of the bees must have places where they land when they seat;

– Take care of the earth around the Apiary;

– The Apiary is essential for removing dead and abelhar for your hygiene is maintained;

– The trees in the surrounding area to a bee farm must be tended so that the sun reaches them and there is no excessive shade in cooler seasons;

– Responsible for harvest must use light-colored clothes, preferably white and must carry a cell phone, in the case of go it alone, in the event of any unexpected situation;

– The material used must be cleaned constantly and must be kept away from the bees acalce. All of it must be washed with water and bleach and Sun-dried

– The strong aromas should be avoided by those who make the collection;
Royal Jelly harvest linens

Brief summary of the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the product from the Apiary;
  2. Royal Jelly must be extracted from the production tools with a stainless steel spatula. Attention: should not be left remains of the product, due to your high value even if you must shave with excessive force so that the wax didn't come added and make Royal Jelly lose your value;
  3. Can be used a different method of previous to apiaries with a high level of specialized production, where there are high quantities of Royal Jelly to be extracted on a daily basis – the use of a small suction pump;
  4. Regardless of the tool used for the production of the product by bees, This should be placed in a plastic box to be transport to the place. The transport must be sanitized beforehand;
  5. The product should be taken as soon as possible to the laboratory or place of extraction to be performed.

Some trivia:

– The harvest of Royal Jelly collection tableware is performed every three days;

– Commercial production of the product is an activity that generates enough profit to whom is dedicated to her, Although depends on deep expertise, specialized and technical and a lot of practice and experience, that can be acquired in workshops and courses for the more curious and interested or learning from the more experienced and former producers of Royal Jelly;

– The largest exporters in the world linked to production of products from the Beehive are: China, Argentina, Mexico, United States and Canada.


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