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The Royal jelly is a substance produced by worker bees only for a short period of time - between 6 and 14 days of life. This substance is to feed the queen that is fed all his life with royal jelly. It is known as a super food comprising 100 different substances, including proteins, lipids, vitamins and many others. So it is impossible to produce artificially, hence the importance of this natural food.

Royal Jelly

IS 100% pure and has looks like the condensed milk. It is not nothing sweet, on the contrary, It is very bitter and sour. It is advised, its composition, that is kept in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0 ° in glass or plastic vials. Do not be tempted to store in metal containers because the acid can "attack" the metal.

Royal JellyShould consume Royal Jelly by sublingual absorption rather than oral administration. We recommend that deposits under the tongue, It is absorbed by the salivary glands providing rapid absorption without passing through the stomach. They choose to mouth, It may not be the most effective because the pH can become inactive some of the properties of royal jelly.

Royal Jelly

There are many doubts about the right dose of Royal Jelly: it's very simple, It is for preventive use, 1 gram per day; while if it is as a measure of treatment 3 grams daily, so, 1 grass before each meal. Again we advise for children up 12 years should only run ¼ of the amount for an adult.

Royal JellyYou can buy Royal Jelly in Oriflame! You will get the best prices and the best flavors. Do not forget that Royal Jelly does not take the place of medication, It should be used as a natural supplement which happens to be very useful for our body and does very well (as soon as consciously administered).

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