Royal Jelly Composition

As regards its composition, the Royal Jelly It consists mostly of water (66%). Your remaining components are carbohydrates (13%), proteins (12%), lipids (5%), vitamins, enzymes and coenzymes (3%) and minerals (1%). May find themselves 21 amino acids, as Leucine, lysine, valine, arginine, isoleucine and phenylalanine. In respect of minerals, There are sulfur, magnesium, the iron, zinc, copper, the arsenic, lithium, the cobalt, nickel and manganese. Among the vitamins, include vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and B complex.

There are other antibacterial components, active against bacteria Escherichia coli and Salmonella, acetylcholine, pollen grains and impaired gonadotrophic hormone.

royal jelly fattening

We pass now to highlight the importance of some of the components of Royal Jelly.

  1. Proteíin

What sisthe?

Proteins are essential nutrients for growth and maintenance of the human body. Excluding the water, proteins are the most abundant molecules in the body. Are, also, the main structural component of all cells, specifically the muscles. Are used in membranes, as is the case of glycoproteins. After being divided into amino acids, are used as drivers of molecules essential to life.

Funintegrationthe proteíin the human body

Proteins are essential for the formation of blood cells. It is thought that proteins can also increase physical performance, Since amino acids are used in the production of muscle tissue and in the repair of damaged tissue by physical activity. The proteins are only used as a source of energy when the body lacks carbohydrates and lipids.


Have regeneration properties of blood cells, of the muscles, of the bones, skin and hair. The absence of proteins in the body impairs the physical and mental development, causing weakness.

  1. Vitamins

What sisthe?

Vitamins are organic compounds essential for the correct functioning of the metabolism. How are not naturally produced by the body, should be consumed in the diet of individual needs 13 different vitamins, the human body is only able to produce vitamin D.

The lack of vitamins can cause diseases like scurvy and rickets.

  1. Aminotoacids

What sisthe?

The amino acids require a more scientific definition and chemistry. An amino acid is, so, an organic molecule formed by carbon atoms, of hydrogen, of oxygen and nitrogen. These atoms, linked together. Some amino acids may contain sulfur. Are, still, divided into four parts: the amine group (NH2), the carboxylic group (COOH), hydrogen, the afa carbon (all parties bind him) and a radical characteristic of each amino acid.

Amino acids are important in the formation of proteins and are present in Royal Jelly by alanima, the serine, the Histidine, the PROLINE, aspartic acid, Leucine, lysine, the threonine, methionine, the valine, the isoleucine, arginine, the phenylalanine, the cystine, glutamic acid, the triptifano, tyrosine and glycine.

  1. Minerals

What sisthe?

Are inorganic origin substances that constitute the hard tissues of the organism, as the bones and teeth. Can also be found in soft tissues like muscles, the blood cells and nervous system.

Funintegrationthe minerals in the human body

Are substances important in the regeneration of cells. Have a regulatory function, contributing to the osmotic function, acid-base balance, nervous stimuli, heart rate and metabolic activity of the human body.

The minerals found in Royal Jelly are: the sulfur, magnesium, the iron, zinc, copper, the arsenic, lithium, the cobalt, manganese, the nickel, chrome, the phosphorus, nitrogen, Silicon and potassium.

Royal Jelly

It is concluded that the ingestion of these components of the Royal Jelly is essential to the proper functioning of the human body in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and mental and physical problems. The use of the Royal Jelly benefits the human body to provide vital elements to the bones, muscles, nerves and the whole organism.

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