Royal Jelly - The Origin of the Name

By studying a little about Royal Jelly, it is known that this is the food that the Queen Bees owe their position in the hive. The your growth and development due to your exclusive power with this secretion of bees. Despite all the larvae consume Royal Jelly, only the Queens to consume always and exclusively. Like This, the Queen develops and becomes a mature adult sexually, Unlike the worker bees.

Royal Jelly bee Queen

When you hear the name "royal jelly" is easy to your assignment to Queen bees. However, the explanation of the name of this miraculous product has a deeper explanation.

To consult a dictionary, in a more thorough and rigorous search for the meaning of the words "Jelly" and "Real", the following definitions are:


Female name

Mucilaginous layer of animal and vegetable substances which, cooling, acquires a soft conscistência and trémule.

Origin: From French gelée, «ID»


Adjective of 2 Genera (female and male)

  1. All that is effectively
  2. Referring to the King or to royalty
  3. King's own, Regal
  4. Magnificent figured, sumptuous
  5. that is relative to the things (goods) and not people

Origin: From Latin regāle-, «King»


These two meanings are realizing the origin of words and your meaning in Portuguese language. Despite also being names used currently in the language with several meanings, It is important to realize and make a grammatical context to a more rigorous explanation.


Pass now to explain the historical perspective.


Not always the name of this product of the hive was the one we know today. Until the middle of the 17th century the Royal Jelly was known as "Fountain of youth". It was then that a Dutch naturalist of your name J. Swammerdam found that the queen bees if distinguished of worker bees all over your food being based on a substance produced by them. This substance called "mel salivate".

J. Swammerdam and Royal Jelly

The current name of the Royal Jelly is due to the Swiss naturalist Francisco Hubert. A lady who has devoted the life to your beekeeping and to the study of life in the hive. Blind since your youth, had the son and his wife as their eyes, a great help to all studies that took on and, that both contributed to the knowledge of modern beekeeping.

It was in the decade of 50, 20TH century, as the emergence of a French book about Royal Jelly that the product won visibility on the market offering rejuvenating abilities to human body.

The Royal Jelly are assigned many names that denote your fame with the faithful consumers. Highly nutritious, Fountain of youth, miraculous and wonderful are the most common names among those who do not exempt the your consumption, the day-by-day, as an aid in obtaining a healthy lifestyle and a young aspect, care and healthy.

royal jelly fattening

The Royal Jelly has always been assigned positive names both praise this product from the hive. But, regardless of name and of all uses for which they were given from antiquity to our days, What is certain that your consumption in all benefits the human being.